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Damp, Condensation & Mould Solutions

Decorators encounter dampness problems almost on a daily basis. Moisture causes paint failure, staining and mould, but also aids the movement of salts that end up on the surface of your ceilings and walls, these salts are very problematic, but you can rest assured that PaintOn Decorators have built up a good knowledge of Damp Proofing and have the solutions to solve these problems. The following information is an overview of dampness in more simple terms to help you to understand why your decoration is failing or why your walls are covered in black mould.
What causes Damp?
Damp is caused by rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation or leaks.
What is Rising Damp?
Rising dampness comes from the ground and is caused by moisture rising up through porous masonry. The ground water contains soluble salts which are deposited within the masonry once the rising water evaporates. These salts normally cause a salt band. If water droplets or free water occur on the wall it is certainly not rising damp, it will be the result of severe condensation, severe water penetration or a leak.
How do I cure Rising Damp?
Injecting a chemical Damp Proof course into the mortar will stop the vertical passage of moisture from the ground, but the most important action is to remove the contaminated plasterwork from inside the property, otherwise any new decoration will almost certainly be spoiled. The new plasterwork must contain a waterproofer and a salt inhibitor; otherwise the salts will return and in time will cause more dampness.
What is penetrating Damp?
This is when water or moisture finds its way inside a property from the outside. It occurs at all levels of the building.
How do I cure penetrating Damp?
The property will need to be surveyed to find the source of the problem but this isn’t always an easy task and sometimes has to be a process of elimination. Common causes of penetrating damp are blocked guttering, cracked or damaged render and leaking roofs. PaintOn Decorators will do a free survey to try and determine the source of the problem and if it is cracked or damaged render or guttering issues we can carry out the repairs for you.
What causes condensation?
Surface condensation is the most common form of dampness found in properties. Air can hold a certain amount of water vapour, the warmer the air the more water vapour it can hold but once the air starts to cool it reaches the Dew Point and can no longer hold the water vapour so it is released as condensation. The Dew Point occurs when the warm air comes in contact with cold surfaces, such as windows and exterior walls. Condensation can be seen as water droplets on the surface. The most common tell-tale sign of condensation is mould.

Condensation is a major problem for Landlords; PaintOn Decorators have cured many flats and properties that suffer from condensation.

How do I cure condensation?
Now that you understand what causes condensation, here are a few tips to prevent it from occurring:

1. Do not dry clothes on the radiator, use a vented tumble drier or a condenser.
2. Make sure your Kitchen and Bathroom is fitted with a suitable extractor fan.
3. Improve your ventilation by opening windows. If you don’t open the windows and heat the air in a damp room it will hold more water vapour and therefore cause condensation! Opening the windows will disperse the internal moisture laden air and replace it with drier air from outside (yes external air is dryer than internal air most of the year!)

Once the condensation is under control you will need to redecorate. That is where PaintOn Decorators can help. We’ve had to redecorate numerous mould stained bathrooms & bedrooms.

How to Paint over mould
orange-tickKill the mould and mildew with Zinsser Mould Killer and Remover.
orange-tickAllow to dry then clean affected area with Zinsser Degreaser and cleaner.
orange-tickAllow to dry then stain block the affected areas with Zinsser BIN
orange-tickAllow to dry then patch prime affected areas with Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint
orange-tickAllow to dry then apply one full coat of Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint

Severe Condensation
If your property suffers from severe condensation it would be advisable to install a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) machine. They are very effective but remedial works may be required for the system to function properly. We can do a full survey and supply a quote to supply and fit including any remedial works. Please call us for more information.

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